Meet AKRYL: Refining aviation fuelling.

AKRYL is the digital fuelling platform for the aviation sector. Our user-friendly interface enables customers to request a quote and order fuel with confidence. The proprietary system supports the most cost-efficient fuel purchasing possible while complying with fiscal rules and regulations. The AKRYL system generates fuel requests for single or multi-leg trips, worldwide in one single step.

Flight planning and fueling at your fingertips

Our fully-automated fuel system lets you quote and order fuel worldwide. Third party flight planning and operations software can be integrated with AKRYL to enable streamlined, efficient, and easier to manage operations. Plan your flight, then opt to purchase fuel from AKRYL.

Request your free AKRYL fuel card

  • Instant fuel request confirmation
  • Pre-purchase prices agreed
  • Simplify fuel requests
  • Invoicing associated with card for easy accounting.

Fly with confidence knowing your fuel purchase is pre-ordered and ready to be uplifted.

Meet Our Founders

Daniel Coetzer (director) and Valerie Bouthiaux-Coetzer (director) are veterans of the fuelling industry with broad and deep experience in the aviation fuelling landscape. Together, they have more than 25 years’ experience working in the aviation fuel sector.

Under their leadership, AKRYL has developed state-of-the-art technology to combine pricing transparency, tax expertise, a reliable fuel card and 24/7 service to simplify fuel purchasing for corporate, rotary and military customers. Independently owned, AKRYL retains the ability to develop new technology supporting seamless uplift in a dynamic aviation fueling landscape. AKRYL is committed to delivering fuel to customers through the industry’s most cost-effective, efficient, and simple digital fuel uplift system.